Saturday, 13 November 2021

Old Clee.

 Old Clee is located in the Clee Road and Carr Lane area of eastern Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, England, and adjoins the neighbouring town of Cleethorpes, to which it has historic links. It is in the Heneage ward of the North East Lincolnshire Unitary Council.

Along with Oole & Itterby it was part of the area which eventually combined to become the town of Cleethorpes.

The original houses are built in the "Dutch Gable" style and the church is the oldest building in Grimsby & Cleethorpes.

An example of the Dutch Gable style of building.

The Church Hall with a "modern" wooden extension added on.

Greetam's Lane.

Old Cee Church noticeboard with a short history.

The tower of the church is the oldest part, dating back to Saxon times.
The old door can be seen at it's base.

Original Saxon door, photographed many times.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-60mm Lumix Lens.


  1. This would be a fascinating area to explore and your photos are excellent in helping to give an idea of the lay of the land. The stonework on the ancient church building is beautiful and so colorful. I’ve wondered before about the name, Cleethorpes, and now I know the origin. Thanks for the great tour and lovely photos. Well done with such nice detail and your signature bold colors!

    1. Thank you for your comments Ann, I always appreciate them. Take care.

  2. Love the church tower and the colours of the stones surrounding the door - somewhere I'd like to visit. The original houses, with the red bricks are special. Enjoyed the post, have a good week David.

    1. Thank you Mike, clear blue skies here. Hope you're getting the same.