Saturday 21 May 2022

04 (Louth Canal Project). Fulstow.

After Thoresby Bridge the canal skirts around the village of Fulstow,  only a footbridge here to cross the canal.

Viewed from the footbridge, the canal coming from Thoresby Bridge.

This shows the footbridge over the Louth canal here at Fulstow.

A drain comes into the canal at this point.

There is a footpath along the whole length of the Louth canal.  Anyone can walk 
the whole length of 11 miles, if so inclined.

A view from the footbridge of the canal's onward journey to the next point of interest,
Fire Beacon Road crossing, near Covenham.    

There's not a lot to see here, but the village of Fulstow is just a short distance away.

This private residential house in Fulstow was once a village pub.

St. Lawrence, the parish church at Fulstow.

From the start of this project I had the intention of including local points of interest along the way, not just items relating to the Louth Navigation Canal.

Between Fulstow and the next village, Ludborough, is the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.  A heritage preserved railway.  Once part of the Great Northern Railway it went from Cleethorpes to Boston.  It finally closed in December 1980 but a group of volunteers rescued part of the track and they now run steam hauled rides between Ludborough station and North Thoresby.

The next few photo's have been taken on previous visits over the years.

Ludborough Station.

A Diesel shunter, most days the trains are hauled by steam locomotives. 

The "Santa Special", a regular and very popular event at Christmas time.

Canal pics taken on my Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-60mm Lumix lens.
The additional pics on various equip.


  1. I have so enjoyed this post and I'd been wondering about the total length of the canal and now I know. Even though you may think the village of Fulstow does not have much of interest, it is very interesting to those of us who don't live near by! (I enjoy seeing all aspects of an area, both those that are lovely and charming, and those that are on the urban decline.) The train photos are great with such clear detail and sense of motion. As always, each photo helps to tell a good story and to inform.

    1. I'm pleased you enjoyed this post, as I progress along the canal I hope to include extra items of interest along the way.
      Thank you for commenting Ann, very much appreciated. 😊 🐕 🐢

  2. Lovely, David. I’m a bit late here, but enjoyed these none the less. That canal calls to me and the train is gorgeous.

  3. Comments are always appreciated thank you.

  4. Hello David, the colour of the canal is very fine on this day and it is nice to see it skirting a famous yellow Linconlshire field. Well isn't that train station just wonderful! The steam rides look like good fun. I wonder if the occupants of the Fulstow pub turned residential house still have people knocking on the door, gasping for a shandygaff ?! :0 I think I've finally caught up with your posts, so I can harassing you now ;) Lulu x