Wednesday 11 May 2022

Humberston Fitties Chalets.

 I visited the Humberston Fitties Chalet camp quite a while ago and posted a few pictures here.   On a recent sunny day I went there again and photographed more of the chalets.

The chalet camp is an area of land right on the edge of the beach at Humberston, all the chalets are different and privately owned.  A lot are lived in all year round, others are 2nd holiday homes and a fewe are available to rent for holidays.

Most of the chalets are constructed on wooden frames and date back to the early 1900's.

This one has been well maintained, others are in need of some TLC.

This one has been built in a very modern style.

An older chalet, still in it's original construction while retaining it's charm.

Spotted in a garden.

The Fitties attracts a wide variety of birdlife!

There's one main road through the camp. 

A couple of amusing notices on a chalet fence.

This illustrates shows just how close to the sea the chalet camp is.  Just over these sand dunes is the 
North Sea at the mouth of the Humber Estuary.

Another very well maintained chalet with some interesting additions. 

The owner of this chalet is obviously a dog lover so it appealed to me.

(Study the small notice on the gate)

"Ellies Place", dogs welcome, humans tolerated!  Ha ha!

A couple of residents enjoying the sun.

The road out of the chalet camp.  An unusual place, full of character.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-60 Lumix lens.


  1. What great chalets and such a variety. How fashions have changed over the years, once very basic but now some look quite luxurious in comparison. Many years ago my uncle had a chalet on the beach at Hemsby and, when in my early teens, I would go with him in early Spring to help him dig out all of the sand. Happy days! Enjoyed your post.

    1. 30 years ago they would have had difficulty giving some of these chalets away but in recent years they've become very popular and soared in value. One or two new, brick built chalets are now more expensive than a bungalow in town. Thanks for commenting Mike. Heavy rain most of today here, just what the gardens needed.

  2. This looks like a place I would love. The quirky humor and laid-back look of the area appeals to me. I imagine many owners feel the same way. There are small enclaves in coastal areas here that were once small beach shacks but are now top dollar properties in spite of many being very primitive. I guess this happens everywhere and I can certainly understand wanting to hold on the past by having a place the way it used to be. This is a very enjoyable post, well captured images as always.

    1. Hello Ann, looks like you've sorted you ID problems which I'm pleased to see.
      The Fitties is a rather surreal place, I was trying out new settings on my camera when I took these. Thanks for commenting. 😊 πŸ• 🐒

  3. Hello David, oh I loved this post!!! What an amazing looking place. I saw an enchanting little indie documentary years ago about a musician / artist that lived in a chalet on the edge of Cleethorpes and I am wondering now if this was the site. I could quiet happily live in a chalet by a nature reserve! Your photos are wonderful as always :) x

    1. It's very likely that this would have been the place in the documentary, thanks for viewing my blog and commenting.

  4. I did enjoy these, David. What a marvellous collection of chalets. I love the colours and designs and especially the funny and interesting signs, not to mention all the garden art. It really looks lovely there. Beautiful photos as usual!

    1. It's very unique and I believe has a preservation order protecting it now. Thanks for visiting & commenting. 😊 πŸ• 🐒