Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Countryside Scenes.

 A few scenes from my part of Lincolnshire.

Sheep's' wool.

I felt I was being watched!


Campion being visited by Hover Flies.

The entrance to "Piggy Wood",  so called because pigs were left to roam freely in it
a few years ago.  Quite a surprise to un-prepared walkers!

Getting ready.

The young lady explained that her horse was wearing a fly muzzle.  She offered to remove
it for my photo's but I thought it added something different.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-40 Pro lens.


  1. A great set of photos, David. I like these sorts of pics as they show scenes we may easily miss if walking without a camera. I like the photos of the horse and young lady.

    1. I must have missed your comment Mike, belated thanks 😊

  2. The tree stump looks like a hooting creature! Such stunning detail on your sheep's wool and campion hoverflies. Do you use a macro lens David? I love that the piggies are left to freely roam the woods. I bet they make quite some noise :0 x

    1. I'm glad you can see the "creature" in the tree stump, sometimes I wonder if I have an over active imagination. I do have a macro lens but didn't use it here, these were taken on a mid range zoom.
      The piggies have startled many ramblers!!
      Thanks for commenting Lulu.

  3. You do make the best of cases for your part of the world, David. The detail and textures of the tree, the glimpse of country life and the piggies too. All wonderful Laurie Lee descriptions in photo form.

    1. Thank you, very encouraging comments, I'm pleased you enjoyed this post. 😊