Saturday 17 June 2023

Cleethorpes Leisure Centre & surrounding area.

 I had a walk around the area of our Leisure Centre.

The Leisure Centre was built on the sight of our old outdoor swimming pool, or Lido as they
were known as.  Once the largest outdoor pool of it's type in the UK but destroyed by several 
high tides many year ago.

Opposite is this very popular café and shop, used by visitors and locals.

The "Land Train", seen in a recent post.

The Centre is situated right on the edge of the beach at Cleethorpes.

Two up on an electric scooter. 

Viewed from the centre looking along the beach to the pier.

Over the years the salt marsh and it's vegetation has been slowly encroaching onto the main
holiday beach, this is just behind the Leisure Centre. 

On the day I was there a cold east wind was coming straight off the sea but the sun was
still quite hot.  These folk made good use of their wind break.

Not graffiti, this is a piece of commercial art on the rear wall of the centre. 

Coming back around the centre to the main entrance.

And another view of the café with an old boat being used as a planter.  Cleethorpes always
has fine floral displays all along the seafront roads, gardens & around the town.

Nikon Z50 + 16-50mm lens.


  1. Cleethorpes looks such an attractive place, especially in the sunshine, and that beach is magnificent. Lovely photos as always, David. I notice you use a Nikon. I don't know the Z50 as Koos switched from Nikon when he opted for the micro four-thirds system cameras, so he currently uses a Panasonic. We both always used to use Nikons, though, and I still have an old 8400 (which was brilliant) and a P80, but neither of those had changeable lenses. Do you like yours? You take lovely painterly photos with it!

    1. I was finding my Olympus camera and lens heavy so changed to the Nikon Z50 + kit lenses. A lot lighter and more compact and although not a " Pro camera" as my EM1 Mk2, I'm really pleased with and less than half the weight

  2. Superb photos, David, good to see the sand. Trust all is well, good wishes.

    1. Thank you Mike, things are difficult just now. Best wishes.