Thursday 13 March 2014

Grimsby, Riverhead area.

The Riverhead, in the centre of Grimsby and the area known as "Top Town".  There are lots of the old wharf
buildings still around this part of Grimsby but no boats have come through to ther Riverhead for many years now.

The  Barge restaurant is permanently moored at the Riverhead. 

The whole area of "Top Town" and the Riverhead has recently been undergoing a revamp and
all the pavements and some roadways have been re-laid with these tiles.  A lot of people find
them distracting to walk on and say it affects their balance!  I found no problem with them,
the surface is very abrasive and I would say better for frosty days. 

The Ice Barque, opposite The Barge.

This is a popular walkway through to the bus depot.

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