Monday 31 March 2014

SHEFFIELD (Part 4 of 5)

More images from Sheffield.
(Please click on the images to see them larger on Black)

Reflections in the glass fronted buildings.

St. Pauls Hotel in Fountain Precinct.

War memorial.

On the steps of the City hall.

I dare you to go in here!!

The Athol Hotel!  I'm told it is still open for guests but the entrance is at the rear.
I didn't go round to check!
Plus, one of the fountains in Fountain Precinct.

The fountain in front of Sheffield Town hall.

Another fountain outside St. Pauls Hotel.

Nero cafe and some of the many chrome spheres in this area.

Me & my son Michael reflected in a sphere.

The Winter gardens on the left.

Inside the Winter Gardens.

A "Pop up shop".

The 5th & final part of our day at Sheffield will follow soon.


  1. A real mixture of modern and old in this set.

  2. Wonderfully colourful photos from all 4 of the 5 Sheffield posts; very nice indeed!