Tuesday 11 March 2014

Grimsby Top Town (Part 1)

"Top Town" is the area around St. James Church, now called Grimsby Minster and the shopping precinct.

This set of photographs is part of a walk around the central area of Grimsby covering the "Top Town", the Town Hall Square area and finally parts of  Pasture Street.

This is the Top Town part of the walk.
Pedestrian subway below the main road around the shopping precinct.

Ahead is St. James Square.

In the square is the monument to the deep sea fishermen
who sailed out of the port of Grimsby.

Depicting a fisherman.

This building was once a pub but is now the rear of the Wilko store.  There are many murals
depicting various aspects of Grimsby.

Cranes on the dock and Dock Tower.

Fishing and St. James church.

On the left is the Freshney Centre shopping Mall.

This is one of the oldest public houses in Grimsby, very popular.

Part 2 will follow soon.

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