Thursday 13 March 2014

Grimsby, Town Hall Square.

Continuing my series on Grimsby.
On my way I spotted this lorry passenger cleaning the mirror.

Multi-Storey car park at the Fresney Centre.

Reflections at the rear of the Law Courts.

Grimsby Town Hall in the distance.

Municiple offices for North East Lincolnshire Council.

Crown Court building.

Town Hall.

The Central Library.

Sculptures on the Central Library front.

Some of the work going on to replace the pedestrian surface with the tiles mentioned on
the Riverhead posting.

Paul Rudd, solicitors.

More of the controversial tiled surfaces. 

BBC Radio Humberside building.

Shops facing the Riverhead.

The Lyric Cafe.  I'm told that the Lyric Theatre was next door
and this was the booking office for it.

Inside the Lyric Cafe and this young lady will take your order.

More of the Grimsby  will follow soon.

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