Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Grimsby Top Town (Part 2)

Continuing my walk around Grimsby's "Top Town" 
One of the "trendy" cafes with reflections of shops opposite.

This is a bar lounge and grill but many years ago it was a coffee
shop selling roast coffee beans and at the rear was a very upmarket
restaurant with a palm court type of orchestra to entertain the guests.
The smell as you passed the door or went in was wonderful as the
coffee beans were roasted on the premises! 

Another smart pub.

Enjoying the Spring sunshine.

This was once the Old Market before the area was "improved" many years ago.
The atmosphere of the old Grimsby was lost because of the developers!

St. James, Grimsby Minster.

Looking across St. James Square toward St. James Hotel.

Back under the subway to "hopefully" find my car where I'd left it.

All Pics taken on my Panasonic G5 camera.

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