Wednesday, 26 March 2014

SHEFFIELD (Part 2 of 5)

More images from Sheffield.
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This passageway is called "Grinders Hill" to commemorate the
cutlery trade which is one of the trades and crafts that Sheffield
was known for throughout the world.

There were lots of shops, cafes and other buildings to catch my eye and so, being a bit of an anorak
for these type of premises, I had to photograph them even though they weren't typical of Sheffield. 

Another view of The Hubs.

The Rutland Arms and some of the murals that are to be seen around Shefield.  

I don't know what these figures are meant to represent and I'm not too concerned.  All I know is we
took lots of pictures of them, these here are a small selection.

The front of The Rutland Arms, ordinarily I would be quite interested in photographing this building
anyway but the murals made it even more interesting!  

More murals.

On a back street approaching the rear of The Hubs, I saw this car "peeping out"!

The Hubs again, this is on the opposite side and where there are many more structures
and sculptures to see.

There are three huge murals of well known people in Sheffield, all on the ends of buildings.  The artist
who painted them is known as "Rocket02" and his work is available to be seen on the web.  He was
commissioned to paint these huge murals, we found two of them but there is another of George
Bernard Shaw that we didn't see.  This one is very obviously of David Attenborough. 

This mural depicts Harry Brearley who is credited as the person who invented stainless steel which
is another product that Sheffield is famous for!  This mural is on the side of the Howard Hotel.

Sheffield Hallam University building.

In the city centre (not sure of the location) and impressive buildings everywhere!  The strangely
textured building in the middle is a car park and is known locally as "the cheese grater"!  You
will be able to see why in following images of it.

Graphic images everywhere!

The "cheese grater" is on the left.

Smoke Barbecue, more images of this from the other side later in this series.

Arundel Centre and the cheese grater in the background.

More images from Sheffield to follow.

Camera used at Sheffield was my Panasonic G5.

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  1. A wide ranging set of images. Can't say I am too impressed by the modern architecture though, but it does enable you to take some interesting shops.