Thursday 2 April 2020

Aspects of Cleethorpes. (From my Archives).

These images are from 2010 and taken on a Panasonic FZ45 Bridge Camera.  I've picked out just a few features of our seafront other than the usual pier shots etc. 

This is a memorial to the Coastal Command Strike Wing, during
WW2 a squadron was based at RAF North Coates, just a few miles
south of Cleethorpes.

I allowed myself just one doggy pic.

"Silver Shoes Riding Stables" horses & riders heading out for a ride along the beach.

Breakwaters and an outgoing tide, in the distance is the Yorkshire coast on the far bank 
of the Humber Estuary.

Out in the Humber Estuary is a work platform, it was based there
for most of the summer in 2010.

Zooming in shows the platform.

A couple of cargo vessels heading for the Humber Ports.

The big advantage of the Panasonic FZ45 Bridge Camera was it's extra long, inbuilt zoom.
At full extent, as used here, it gave the equivalent of a 600mm lens on a std SLR.
This was taken from the promenade at Cleethorpes. 
Panasonic FZ45 Bridge Camera.

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