Monday 27 April 2020

Postcards from Sheffield. ("Grafitti City")

A few archive pics of a day out (across the border) in Sheffield, Yorkshire.  Taken in February 2014.

"The Hub", Students Union building at Sheffield College.

Sheffield, along with several other cities, is known as "Grafitti City" because of the extensive
amount of high quality art works around the buildings of Sheffield.

David Attenborough, of course.

Harry Brearley, see below.
Harry Brearley (18 February 1871 – 14 July 1948) was an English metallurgist, credited with the invention of "rustless steel" (later to be called " stainless steel "

The above info courtesey of Wikipedia.

Panasonic G5 Camera with 14-42 EZ  lens.


  1. Somewhere else I have never been. I remember Sheffield steel though from childhood, and my dad telling me that it was the best in the world. I like the graffiti and the Hub is impressive. Thanks for the trip!

    1. Those particular graffiti murals will have been painted over and replaced with newer ones, it's an on going process.