Sunday 12 April 2020

South Drain, South Ferreby. (From my archives).

South Ferriby is on the south bank of the Humber Estuary, a few miles west of the Humber Bridge.  It's where the River Ancholme runs into the Humber and has a large lock to allow boats to transfer in each direction.
Adjacent to it however is a very small waterway known as South Drain, very silted up but still navigable for a short section where small boats are berthed.  I prefer the drain to the large commercial lock for photographing, it has lots of character.

The images were taken on different visits, hence the change of lighting and colours, and I try to photograph here at low tide.  More interesting with all the mud than simply an expanse of water, I think. 

The Humber Estuary and views of the far Yorkshire side in the distance.

Canon EOS300D + 17-85 IS canon lens.


  1. You are right, the low tide has made some excellent photos. Hope you had a good set of wellies at the time!
    I'm glad you are publishing photos from your archives, most enjoyable.
    Trust all is well, stay safe.

    1. This place has been a favourite of mine for a good few years. The little jetties and mooring structures have been in a bad state for years but are still used, I wouldn't trust them though!
      All's well here, stay safe Mike. 😁