Sunday 5 April 2020

Miscelaneous Lincolnshire scenes (From my archives).

An assortment of images taken quite a few years ago.

This old barn has since been demolished and a new drive layed to a property behind the trees.

Beesby Top.

Three sweeping Wolds pictures.

Binbrook Top.

Coot feeding it's young, Cleethorpes Country Park.

Sunset at St. Nicholas Church, Grainsby.

Canon EOS300D

You may be interested in another of my blogs "A 40's Boy" which I have resurrected
for a short while.  You can view it by clicking on the link below.


  1. So happy to see these beautiful rural photos! And I’m glad to see that your other blog is back. I always enjoy reading about your memories of childhood, your fathers work and so on!

  2. Good to hear from you Ann, with all that's happening I was worried you might have become affected by this awful virus.
    The new items on my 40s Boy blog are about my last four years at school, not a happy period in my life, which is why I avoided telling anything about it previously. But I believe its worthy of a mention now, if only for comparison.
    Keep safe, David.

  3. We are far from the day that the virus is predicted to peak here in Missouri, but people seem to be getting more compliant about following the lockdown rules. I will look forward to see your school days posts. Sometimes it is good to write about the times that weren’t so great in order to see that we recovered and moved on. I suspect that all of us have some school memories that are not good ones. Some of mine came back to me after my 50th high school reunion 😏

  4. So lovely, David, love the sweeps of the Wolds, such beautiful countryside.
    Trust all is well, we still walk every morning from home. Life has certainly changed.
    Stay safe.

  5. We are well thank you & hope you're too. The current restrictions are beginning to affect me now, and were only a few weeks in.