Thursday 23 April 2020

Patterns in the Garden.

Back to my garden but this time I tried to find patterns within the plants & trees.

I've exhausted the things to photograph in my garden and some of my Spring flowers are now past their best anyway.  So, I may not be posting anything new for a while.

Our Silver Birch tree.
Birch leaf.

Birch bark patterns.

Birch leaf.

Birch "Catkin" seed head.

Perennial Geranium leaves.

Nasturtium leaves.

Sobraria 'Sem' leaf.

A visitor to our garden.

Some Pansies to finish.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 25mm Mzuiko lens.
(All taken at F1.8)


  1. Like your silver birch, I would have loved one or two in our garden but no room now. An interesting collection of photos and hope you'll be able to find more things to photograph. This lockdown looks like it's going to continue for quite a while - at least we've had some decent weather as a small consolation. Got to look on the bright side!
    Take care.

    1. Yes, the weather has been good Mike. I've ordered quite a few packets of seeds and my tomatoes are growing quickly so plenty to occupy my time. Staying home is strange, I'm usually out fishing by now & listening to cricket but we are safe and have to be grateful.